shebekada wararka ee ceegaag waxay idiinku baaqaysaa wararkii ugu danbeeyey ee dalka iyo debedaba 

Ceegaag School Project

(Ceegaag  Sept 25,  2008 Ceegaag Online) 

Ceegaag is newly developed City with a population of 600 to 1000 families. Most of these families are internally-displaced people, the majority of which are nomadic living in a pastoral community. Their main source of income comes from taking care of animal ‘live stock’.

The best way to educate the children of this community is to build a school which will provide shelter for these children for at least five days of every school week of the year.

The proposed school will be contain six buildings. Two buildings will be used to as dormitories to house the boys & girls. A third building will contain the reception and big library room & two offices. A fourth building will contain a kitchen & dining area. The remaining two buildings will be made up three classrooms each.

The projected budget for this project will cost approximately $75,000 US Dollars.

Please if you want contribute contact

Abdifatah Gedeye Ottawa 613-724-6295

Bashir Ahmed Edmonton 780- 491-0233

Ceegaag_School_A_840_Model__1_.pdf (30k)
 Ceegaag_School_A_840_Model_2.pdf (86k)
 Library_D_840_Model__1_.pdf (34k)
 Library_F_840_Model__1_.pdf (23k)
Resident_rooms_B_840_Model__1_.pdf (30k)
 Resident_Rooms_for_Girls_C_840_Model__1_.pdf (29k)
 Ceegaag_School_Project.doc (833k)

Source: SCERDO

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